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Learn how to become a Conscious Eater in the comfort of your own home. In each of these courses you’ll receive info on the skills + tools you need to become a Conscious Eater.

The Conscious Eating Essentials walks you through the basic skills you need. This course includes the Conscious Eating booklet, worksheets and it’s all online so you can take it on the go & use it when you need it most!

The Powerful Calm is the signature course! This course includes the full Conscious Eating process, over 3 hours of lessons, private membership community, weekly Q & A sessions, and worksheets too. It’s all online so you & access it whenever you need it

Conscious Eating Essentials

This course will teach you the essentials of Conscious Eating. The course includes the Conscious Eating booklet, 10 worksheets, audio introductions to each section. You can also download the app and take it all with you on the road!

Powerful Calm

This course will help you get on track with food, feel great about your body and transform your relationship with food forever! You get the tool, tips and techniques you need to stop the cycle of binge and emotional eating for good.

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