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My name is Tracie Strucker, creator of ConsciousMindBody.com.  A little more about me…

I grew up in the greater Los Angeles area and experienced a lifestyle that feasted on beauty, fame and fortune. I know firsthand that trying to conform to someone else’s idea of who and what you should be will never work. More importantly, I learned that beauty is grounded in the strength of living your life from your core; mind, body and heart.

My own youthful questioning of the status quo, and with it a search for meaning, led me to study philosophy as an undergraduate and psychology, family systems and health psychology in graduate school.

After school I worked in the area of addiction, womens’ mental health and have been focusing on eating disorders treatment for the last 20 years or so.

I founded an outpatient eating disorders clinic and where I lead a team of trained therapists and worked directly with hundreds of teens, college students, adults and their families.  During this time, the clinic programs were diligently measured for outcomes and ours had very good results, with an average reduction in problem eating behaviors of 80% during the first four weeks of treatment.

Combining this experience, the evolving brain science and good basic nutrition, I’m able to translate the therapeutic interventions into real world solutions for eating problems that gets to the heart of “food issues” to give you practical information for long term resolution.

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