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Get the info you need & at the ready anytime!

Some of the best resources to become a Conscious Eater are right at your fingertips. 

Both books are downloadable so you have them with you whenever you need. Conscious Eating Essentials is available via a course format, so you can take the ebook, worksheets & audio intros will you on your smartphone.

Download your Free Notebook!

The Conscious Eating Notebook is your introduction to Conscious Eating. This short notebook is filled with info, journal prompts & questions to help you plan your for emotional & binge eating episodes with practical advice as well.

Enroll now & get the book, audio & worksheets!

When you just can't face another diet & you know there's a better solution. Conscious Eating Essentials will is a great way to get started with Conscious Eating and stop emotional and binge eating for good!

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