Give yourself 30 days and learn how to become a Conscious Eater for life!

There are many ways to learn how to become a Conscious Eater. One of the most effective is the quick start. Here is the plan…

The Plan

Focused effort by making conscious choices every day builds a way of being with yourself that is easy and natural.

When you add up a few changes over the day, week, month, and year it yields a mindset and lifestyle change.

Receiving feedback, encouragement, clarifying goals and actions plans are a big part of the process to keep you moving. Leaning how to sync with your natural rhythms, listen for what you need and want, and live your life from the stand-point of clarity, calm, and confidence is key

We will meet weekly for 12 weeks to move your relationship with yourself in the direction of growth and greater consciousness, and learn skills that actually help you.

Your relationship with yourself, food, and how to get out of chronic dieting and into Conscious Eating is the reward.

What we’ll do…

Week 1 Emotion-Food Relationship

The first week we will put into practice strategies to identify your most problematic feelings and situations that lead to emotional eating. By setting realistic goals, learning new ways to calm and feel in control, we’ll develop action plan for what to do with the feelings rather than using food to cope, calm, escape, etc.

Week 2 Emotional Eating Solutions

This week we will dive deeper into the emotional blocks that keep you stuck and get really clear about what you need to move forward. We’ll continue work on how to work with your emotional states without using food while learning practical and simple skills for self-care. We will also work on skills to help you stay motivated as you continue on this path for the long term as you develop lifelong skills.

Week 3 Applying the Principles of Conscious Eating

This week we’ll focus on developing a more intuitive relationship with your body as you identifying what your body needs. Listening to your body, eating mindfully and practicing awareness of what you need and want rather than following a set of food rules is our focus. These tools can help you leave the diet mentality for good as you become increasingly able to easily manage food in a way that feels natural and that you’re proud of too. 

Week 4 Lifelong Freedom Plan: Skills + Awareness + Direction = Conscious Living

We will review success and challenges and what you’ve learned from each. We’ll update your plan,  You will leave the month with increased awareness of what you need to continue on your path of freedom from emotional eating and become a lifelong Conscious Eater.

You are the best fit for the Conscious Eating Program if:

You are sick and tired of being on a diet—starting a new one each Monday…

You know diets do not work, but you are not sure what else to do…

You need to reset your eating style to support your health…

You wonder if a whole person/integrated approach—mind, body, and heart—is your path to change your eating patterns once and for all!

The Conscious Eating Program is NOT for you if:

You are committed to rigid food rules…

You love to diet…

You have an eating disorder.


We will meet once a week over four consecutive weeks as well as check-ins by email for encouragement and support through out the week.  The meetings are held in the DC metro area in suburban Maryland or via Zoom meeting if you’re not local.

Each meeting is approximately 45-55 minutes.