What is Conscious Eating

Conscious Eating frees you from deprivation-oriented urgency, which is often founded in a frantic need to get what you want now…

…because it may be gone soon

…this is the last time

…the diet starts tomorrow.

Emotional and binge eating can be like this. Sometimes to distract, sometimes to avoid, sometimes to control feelings which seem unmanageable.

Conscious Eating frees you so that you can stop for a moment, give yourself time and space to identify your feelings, identify your hunger, and make decisions based on your actual mind, body and heart needs.

To connect with the fullness of your life.

You can nourish yourself in the full meaning of the word nourish.

The goal is to truly enjoy your relationship with food and your body, without guilt, negative self-talk, excuses or shame. Each meal is one moment in time.

Sometimes you will eat purely for fuel. You are hungry, busy, and just need to get some nutrition in your system to function well. This is OK too! You are not ‘missing out,’ you are living your life and food is simply one part amongst many important parts of life.

Becoming a Conscious Eater is often like getting back to nature.

Eating more naturally, most of the time.

It is like when you were little and you ate because you were hungry and stopped when you were full. Even when you had something delicious, like your favorite food, you listened to your body and stopped when your body let you know it was full.

You can get back to listening to your natural rhythms.

And, if this was not your experience growing up, you can learn how to become a Conscious Eater now.

You can honor your life, with kindness and respect.

Do what is health-enhancing for you.

Listen to your body.

Respect the wealth of knowledge about good basic nutrition and work within the parameters that fit for you. Respect any adjustments you may need to make given your specific health concerns. There is no one size fits all; there is what you most need for a peaceful life.

Most of all Conscious Eating is natural, kind, and filled with peaceful self-compassion.

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