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10 Fantastic Mantras to Stop Emotional Eating Right Now!

Sometimes we all get stuck listening to that little nagging voice in our heads that often leads to emotional eating. The voice of doubt.

The voice that questions your wise inner voice of self-knowledge.

The voice that is overly critical and can be downright mean.

When you’re struggling with emotional eating the voice of doubt is usually focused on a feeling of a lack of willpower and restraint.

What if changing the conversations would help the conversations in your head?

How to Stop Emotional Eating Right Now

If your goal is to fundamentally change your relationship with food, it’s great to have a positive, growth-oriented alternative to counteract the doubt and worry, that you may never reach your goal of stopping emotional eating.

One way to answer back, calm the anxiety and shift your mindset toward growth is to develop a saying, a simple mantra that leads you out of emotional eating and into Conscious Eating.

It’s an old-fashioned coping skill that’s been around so long because it works!

It’s nearly impossible to separate thoughts, feelings, perceptions, potential future scenarios, etc. When emotional eating enters the picture the feelings are often a jumble of mixed emotions.

Finding your way out is easier when you have something you can do with the negative energy and use it to propel you toward Conscious Eating.

Using a mantra to help you shift your thoughts is one of the handiest, always at the ready, strategies to calm, soothe and re-focus your brain where you want it to be.

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The best mantra is the one you can easily remember, so you’ll easily come back to it when needed. It’s concise and to the point and just “fits.”

Conscious eating, by its definition, requires you to be aware of what you’re thinking and feeling at the same time, as well as how thinking and feeling effect what you do with food.   Are you eating because you’re hungry, want to savor and enjoy the taste or are you munching to satisfy an unmet emotional need and eating is distracting?

Emotional eating will never satisfy an unmet need.

Conscious Eating is a dynamic active process. Being a Conscious Eater means that you actively participate in your daily eating habits, eating for nourishment – mind, body, and heart – and changing the focus when your needs change.   As you grow into a more natural Conscious Eater, you’ll need fewer and fewer reminders to pay attention and be aware.

You’ll naturally be mindful of eating what you need.

Your likes may change when you get a chance to slow down and figure out what you like and want to eat.   You may even find that the mantra you like best comes back to you naturally as an affirmation of your commitment to yourself and your health.

Creating a supportive nourishing relationship with food and in the larger context, yourself, requires you to grow your skill set for the good times as well as the tough times.

Diet talk is at its highest with radio, tv and magazines talking about the latest and greatest diet. A lot of ads online flash images and soundbite-sized messages trying to tempt you to try what they’re selling. Conversations among friends and family frequently mention what they’re doing to control themselves with food.

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Why a mantra?

Conscious Eating gives you an alternative. Your mantra is there to support you in building a kind and loving relationship with yourself. You can take a stand for nurturing yourself with good food with kindness.

Here are 10 mantras you can use as they are or as a starting point to create one of your own!

1. I am becoming a Conscious Eater one meal at a time.

2. My relationship with my body is grounded in peace and kindness.

3. I move toward my goals with love and kindness and peace.

4. When I eat consciously, I feel balanced; I want balance in my life.

5. I listen to my mind, body and heart for what I need in my life.

6. Change requires my time and attention; my reward is contentment.

7. I’m patience, I’m coping and I’m developing the tools I need in my life.

8. I’m cultivating a peaceful relationship with my body.

9. When I move my body, I experience life.

10. I nourish my mind, body and heart with a kind and loving heart.

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